Vadym Boichenko criticizes the work of the heads of public utilities

03 September 2021, 16:09
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

Residents of Mariupol complain about the lack of timely grass mowing and road maintenance. This was reported to Mayor Vadym Boichenko at a staff meeting.

Viktoria Zakharchenko, director of the department for work with personnel and citizens' appeals, noted that over the past month residents have complained that Zelenstroy does not mow the grass in many places. Vadym Boichenko addressed this question to the head of the enterprise, Serhii Kesarev.

‘We were unable to conclude a contract for the repair of small-scale mechanization equipment. As a result, 30% of the equipment was not ready for operation. Therefore, we could not fully fulfill the task set,’ Serhii Kesarev said.

The Mayor said that this does not justify the failure to complete the work. According to him, complaints from residents are the personal responsibility of the management of the utility company.

‘Our task is to clearly fulfill the tasks set by the residents. You must conclude all the necessary contracts in advance and prepare the equipment. Now the residents of Mariupol have suffered through your shortcomings. Therefore, I think it is fair to deprive the management of the enterprise of the bonuses,’ Vadym Boichenko said.

Victoria Zakharchenko also noted complaints about the work of Avtodor. Director of the Department of Transport and Communications Vasyl Klat replied that the company began to channel more resources for social applications of residents, so some roads did not have time to pay appropriate attention.

The Mayor criticized the leadership of the profile department and the utility company and deprived of the bonus. Vadym Boichenko set the task - to maintain the city's roads and timely respond to the deterioration of the asphalt road.

‘We created a utility company and invested tens of millions of hryvnias in it. I want to see effective management and work. We must not only repair the roadway, but also maintain the existing one,’ the Mayor stressed.