Vadym Boichenko appreciates doctors for the fight against COVID-19

24 November 2021, 11:29
Medicine, Sessions of the city council

Mayor Vadym Boichenko has called doctors real heroes for their fight against COVID-19. According to him, today the residents of Mariupol face a common challenge - to prepare for the next wave of the pandemic. To do this, you need to be vaccinated.

“Mariupol continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Medical professionals are at the forefront of the fight against this disease. Every day doctors and nurses save our lives and the health of our relatives, neighbors and colleagues. They very often do not have time for lunch, and sometimes for sleep. But they continue to stand as a reliable shield against COVID-19, ” Vadym Boichenko stressed.

The Mayor added that the city's medical system withstood the "blow" from the new wave of the pandemic. This was due to the fact that the preparation of the hospitals began in the spring. Vadym Boichenko said that the disease has become much more severe and aggressive. So, if the patient used to be in a bed for 10-14 days, today it is more than 20 days. The oxygen demand has tripled.

“96% of the sick are not vaccinated. Vaccinated residents have mild to moderate illness. None of those who gave the vaccine died,” the Mayor said.

He noted that more than 40% of Mariupol residents have already been vaccinated. However, there is still a low level of vaccination among the older generation. They are the ones who are at risk. The Mayor urged residents to convince their parents and grandparents to vaccinate and protect themselves.

“How we get through the next wave of the pandemic depends on our common position. And it will be in the spring. The key is what level of vaccination we will have. We will develop collective immunity and defeat COVID-19 only after vaccination, ”Vadym Boichenko stressed.