III International Mayors Summit is held in the capital

10 October 2018, 08:43

The third annual International Mayors Summit was held on October 9. The mayors of Ukrainian and foreign cities as well as the representatives of business and the experts of regional development visited it. The City Mayor Vadim Boichenko took part in the event as well.

An International Mayors Summit is an effective area for an experience exchange, a discussion of modern world tendencies of the development and an attraction of the investments for a municipal development.

The key topic of the summit was an issue of the development of Ukrainian cities in the conditions of globalization. Such kind of cities as New-York, Oslo and Eindhoven were taken into the discussion as the examples of a successful experience of the development.

During a panel discussion, the speakers admitted that modern cities should develop its infrastructure to have the possibility to challenge for people. An energy preservation, an implementation of ‘Smart  City’ principles and a stable green development were among the most burning directions that allow to be competitive according to the experts.

The statistics showed the most important fields that worry people most of all, talking about the problems Ukrainian cities face. 36 % of the respondents consider that one of the main problems is connected with providing of public services and utilities. 22 % of the respondents are worried about an environmental protection sector. Almost 20% of the respondents admitted that education and tourist sectors need to be improved.