European conditions for dog training center are created in Mariupol

27 July 2020, 18:34

Mariupol continues to enhance the conditions of safety of the citizens and comfortable work of law enforcement service. Thus, the administrative building of dog training service was repaired. New condition of work for law enforcement officers were checked by Mayor Vadym Boichenko. The projects are financed by means of the city budget.

‘Safety is located in the focus of our attention. The key issue is that we are working in this direction. The United Analytical Service Center (UASC) is created in our country, 380 cameras are set in the streets, more than 180 smart-cameras are among them. There is the first fully-featured dog training center in our region. As a result, Mariupol is in Top-5 safest cities of Ukraine and the level of trust of the citizens to the police is the highest in Ukraine’,
the Mayor stressed.

One-floor building of the dog training service of State Unitary Research Enterprise in Donetsk region was located in Mariupol. Due to the major repair works, new modern and comfortable conditions were created there. Veterinary office, duty rooms for dog trainers and a kitchen were equipped. The financing from the city budget is more than UAH 4 mln.

‘A vet is provided with all the necessary things for checking up the dogs and necessity of operative treatment. The room of ultrasonography was equipped and there is a tester of blood and urine. There is a pot, a burner and a water filter’, the head of the dog training center of State Unitary Research Enterprise in Donetsk region Leonid Kotov said.

There are 50 dogs on the basis of the center. All the necessary conditions are created for animals. New constrains are set.

The Mayor was shown a new pennage where the puppies are. The police are especially proud of the Bloodhound dogs. They have a phenomenal scent, so they are actively used by American and European police officers.

‘The joint project made it possible to create comfortable workplaces for employees of the dog service and provide full veterinary control without leaving the center. This made it possible to qualitatively select and increase the number of service dogs, and as a result, to ensure safety more effectively. This year, with the help of dog handlers, more than 200 crimes have been solved, arsenals of weapons are being confiscated,’ Nikolai Semenishin, chief of the Donetsk region police said.

Overhaul of the building of the Department of Internal Affairs was carried out at the end of last year. Almost UAH 3 million was allocated for the work from the city budget. There are rooms for employees, weapons storage, offices and a gym. The plans are to create a shooting gallery. Vadym Boichenko was introduced to the available arsenal of weapons, the uniforms of the corps employees.

The Mayor appreciated the police and dog training officers for strengthening security in the city. ‘Now we are creating all the conditions so that we have organized a full-fledged police training. We have allocated about UAH 30 million to support the Donetsk Law Institute. Now we will redesign schools so that some of them are already focused on training future law enforcement officers. You are an example for them to follow in this matter,’ the Mayor said.