193 HOAs are created in Levoberezhnyi district

05 August 2020, 14:00
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

Mariupol HOAs are actively implementing projects for the repair and improvement of houses due to the city Support Program. In the associations of the Levoberezhny district at 8/1, 10 Pashkovsky Street, 9, 3 Lechebnyi Avenue and 56/12 Edinstvo Avenue, "Cozy yards" have already been created. Mayor Vadym Boichenko signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the chairmen of these HOAs.

Thus, residents of the houses of  "61 Kvartal-1" association share that a lot of things have been done in their homes since 2016 including a mini-project for the repair of heating, water supply, drainage and electrical networks, roof overhaul and reinforcement of load-bearing structures. More than UAH 5 million were allocated from the city budget to support two houses. Besides, in the entrances, special containers are installed for the separate collection of solid household waste.

‘The reboot of the utility sector has borne fruit. Every day we see more and more modern landscaped courtyards. Due to those people who were not afraid to take responsibility for their own home and to the chairmen of condominiums - for their help in positive changes in Mariupol’,
Vadym Boichenko noted.

HOA "61 Kvartal-2" was also created in 2016. During this time, residents received about UAH 2 million from the city budget for a mini-project to repair engineering heating networks, replace window and door blocks and overhaul the roof in two houses.

To implement the Cozy Yard program, two HOAs have chosen a common location between the houses. The residents now have a modern landscaped area and a place for leisure activities. The road was asphalted here, the pedestrian zones were laid with tiles, benches, gazebos, trash cans, a playground, a tennis table, a clothes dryer and overhead arches were installed. The budget amounted to more than UAH 2 million.

“After we had such a beautiful courtyard, more mass events began to be held. The general process of choosing projects and implementing our plans helped to get to know each other and become more friendly. The ability to independently distribute funds has made residents more responsible. Now we take good care of our homes and courtyards in order to preserve this beauty,” Tatiana Zhidkova, chairman of "61 Kvartal-1" HOA said.

Having united in HOAs "61 Kvartal-4" and "61 Kvartal-5", residents were able to make their homes more comfortable. So, the engineering input is equipped with a heat metering device, the roof has been overhauled, window and door blocks have been replaced and the heating networks have been repaired. The total amount of support from the city budget is more than UAH 3 million.

In 2019, the "Cozy Yard" was created, where all residents of HOAs are now having rest. Comfortable benches with backs, a cozy gazebo, a pergola, a sandbox, a children's tower complex, a carousel and anti-vandal sports equipment were installed there.

Today, 870 HOAs are registered in Mariupol, 193 of them are in Levoberezhny district.