Accurate diagnosis and prompt assistance: emergency medicine is being developed in Mariupol

07 August 2020, 10:32
Society, Medicine

In the city hospital No. 1, work continues on the creation of an emergency department and repair of the surgical department. Patients will be able to receive highly accurate diagnostics and prompt assistance. Mayor Vadym Boichenko appreciated the progress of the work.

The project to transform the admission department into an emergency one is being implemented within the framework of the state program “Big Construction”.The department will be located in the surgical building. Now they are equipping a warm box for two ambulances. From here, patients will be admitted to diagnostic rooms and, if necessary, to the intensive care unit. The department will be equipped with new high-tech equipment: a computer tomograph and a modern X-ray machine. And all this is concentrated on one floor, which allows you to quickly establish a diagnosis and begin the necessary treatment.

“The key task is to reduce mortality and create comfortable conditions for treatment. The new approach is based on attention to the needs of the patient. The emergency medicine unit has never been in Mariupol. Today, they will provide prompt, full-fledged assistance and save the lives of Mariupol residents,”
Vadym Boichenko stressed.

On the second floor, work continues on the reconstruction of the surgical department. Operating rooms will not only have a European look, but also their content. Modern technology will make it possible to perform minimally invasive operations that do not cause significant trauma to the patient's tissues and organs.

“We are the only hospital in Donetsk region where there are conditions for removing stones from the gallbladder ducts using an endoscope. If earlier, after “open” operations, the patients recovered for three weeks, now we discharge the patient on the third day,” Larisa Mamaeva, director of the city hospital No. 1 said.

Vadym Boichenko added that this opens up new opportunities, both for treatment and for a medical facility - more patients will be able to receive here. The total cost of the work is over UAH 40 million. Funding sources are state, city budgets and Metinvest Group.