New learning opportunities: The first IT school in Ukraine will be created in Mariupol and Maritime Lyceum will be renovated

23 April 2021, 09:31
Society, Education

The members of the executive committee have approved the draft decisions on infrastructure development. They concerned the overhaul of Maritime Lyceum, school No.7 and kindergarten No. 32. This will create new opportunities for learning in the city.

Comprehensive school No.7 is transformed into an IT school. Now repair works are underway here. It is planned to renovate the school completely and equip it with modern technology.

The institution will add specialized subjects in computer science and programming to the standard educational program. Special classes will be arranged. Practical classes will be conducted not only by teachers, but also by representatives of IT companies.

The Maritime Lyceum will also get a new lease of life. The project envisages repair of all interiors, insulation of the facade and roof, replacement of all networks, creation of conditions of accessibility for people with disabilities.

The lyceum will be a third-level school with laboratories, renovated classrooms, multimedia equipment and a sports ground in the surrounding area.

Nursery-garden No.32 ‘Dyvosvit’ has not seen repairs since the construction of the building in 1951. More than 50% of the work has already been done. The building will be completely renovated, both outside and inside. A modern playground will be created. Children will be able to go to the renovated garden this year.