A barbecue area to open in Hurov Park on May holidays

30 April 2021, 17:50
Society, Tourism

The last preparations for the barbecue area in Gurov Park have been completed. This weekend, Mariupol residents will be able to relax in wooden gazebos, take a walk in the renovated green area or have a picnic. Mykhailo Kohut, the first deputy mayor, told more about the new location.

‘Every year unique rest zones open in Mariupol. A huge number of people work on their creation, a lot of effort, time and money are invested in them. They become the calling card of our city. To preserve the beauty, you need to treat them carefully. And then we will not go to Europe, we will build Europe here,’ Mykhailo Kohut stressed.

To date, there is a parking lot for 77 parking spaces. There will be a mother's and child's room and a bathroom. There are 23 gazebos, designed for different numbers of visitors, from 4 to 14. They must be booked in advance. It will also be possible to rent a barbecue.

‘Only the barbecue area is ready to visit. In general, work on the park is being continued. The reconstruction is planned to be completed in August. Location concept is recreation for the whole family in a wildlife park. Observance of order on the territory will be monitored with the help of video surveillance,’ the head of the capital construction department of Mariupol, Halyna Sheichenko said.

In future, a large-scale children's complex with slides and developmental elements will be installed in the park. Pedestrian and cascading fountains with illumination and musical accompaniment will be heard. There will be a laser show and illumination in the evening.