Mariupol – A big capital of culture of Ukraine 2021

04 February 2021, 13:45
Society, Culture

In 2021 Mariupol will be “A big cultural capital of Ukraine”. Today Mayor Vadym Boichenko presented a package of cultural initiatives “Dialogue on the language of art”.Olexandr Tkachenko, Minister of culture and informational politics, executive director of Ukrainian cultural fond, Julia Fediv and Mayor of Slavutych Juriy Fomychev took part in the event.

Mariupol got the status of “Big capital of culture” won in the program of Ukrainian cultural fond. Large cultural projects that will unite Ukrainian and European film directors, artists and musicians will be realized in the city during the year. Slavutych got the status of “Small capital of culture”.

“It was difficult to imagine Mariupol as a capital of culture 5 years ago. We have passed a long way, have overcome a lot of challenges and we have come to the desired goal to be a showcase of the revived Donbass. This way of development could not be reached without dialogue with the community, international partners, residents of other cities and countries. The culture is a key instrument of association. And today we are having the dialogue of peace, development and unity through art”, Mayor Vadym Boichenko admitted.

Olexandr Tkachenko greeted the city with victory and admitted that the program affords to join European process. According to his words, it opens the opportunities to cooperate with Western countries.

“The realization of the program will be able to accumulate the attitude to these cities and regions. The initiative let cooperate and develop cultural process in all Ukraine”, Minister of culture admitted.

As Julia Fediv said, in 2016 Ukraine joined “Creative Europe” program. There was a wish our cities to get the status of “Cultural capital of Europe”.

“To get an opportunity to claim for the status of “Cultural capital of Europe”, its own national program should be started. This initiative is started now. I hope that a new status will become an impulse to the creation of city cultural funds”, the executive director of Ukrainian cultural fund stressed.

Mariupol will realize the project called “Dialogue on language of art”. 11 bright ideas are planned to be realized during the year. Among them, there is an open museum festival “Night of museums” that is a project of history which will show collective memories. Within the framework of the event, unique exhibits from different museums of Ukraine, united with identity of Priazov area, will be exhibited in Mariupol.

The event will become the project “The way to the home” – a reflection with the accent for the world and dialogue, that unites us and gives the hope, our general dreams. The performance is planned to be hold on the route Mariupol-Donetsk.

Besides, the marathon of international residences are planned to be held. The city will become the space to create unique theatre and performance projects, the bottom of them will become local social and cultural landscape. Famous Ukrainian and European film directors and artists will take part in the residences.

Within the framework of the festival for children “Space of dreams”, a creative residence will be open. The result is going to be a park of concrete sculptures in Mariupol. The key musical events will become MRPL city festival and festivals of classical music “Mariupol Classic”. Mariupol will turn into a real musical city where famous celebrities of modern and academic music will perform, and there will be an opera and ballet production.

There is a book festival “Mariupol Open Book”, art-residence “Post-most”, festival of multiculture “Goby fest”, festival of generations “General house” among them.

Metinvest Group, Lviv city council, Commercial public utility “M.EHUB”, National museum of Taras Shevchenko, [STARTUP] Gogolfest are the partners.

Photo: Facebook Olexandr Tkachenko