Utilities work for 24 hours to eliminate the consequences of the disaster

10 June 2021, 13:08
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

A regular meeting of the commission on technogenic and environmental safety and emergencies has taken place today. The heads of communal administrations and specialized departments reported to the Deputy Mayor Serhii Zakharov on the elimination of the consequences of bad weather.

‘On June 8, the monthly rainfall fell. Employees of utilities work around the clock to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. Today the task is to assess the damage to people and explain to residents how to get help,’ Serhii Zakharov said.

Serhii Litvinenko, head of the department for managing energy enterprises, noted that all substations were connected. Today DTEK is engaged in applications from residents. 12 brigades and 12 pieces of equipment were involved.

Fiodor Yevangelistov, Deputy Director of the Department for Development of Housing and Communal Services, reported that yesterday 288 complaints were received about roof leaks. 167 have already been processed. Work in this direction is continued. Yesterday we managed to pump out water at 38 addresses in the Prymorsky District. Pumping continues at two addresses of the Central District. In the Left Bank and Kalmiussky districts, the situation is stable.

125 employees of Zelenstroy are involved in eliminating the consequences of bad weather. They remove soil reclamation from roads and sidewalks along Lunina Str., Metallurgov avenues, Gromov, Shevchenko, Italianska, Novorossiyska streets.

All water accumulations on the roads were eliminated, 35 storm water systems were cleaned. 45 tons of rubbish and silt were removed. Today “Mariupolavtodor” continues to work at five addresses. All municipal transport is operating normally.