Comfortable treatment: An updated neurological department is opened in Mariupol

07 October 2021, 16:54
Society, Medicine

The neurological department on the basis of the city hospital №1 has received more than 1 thousand patients this year. Now it has been completely updated. Mayor Vadym Boichenko appreciated the reconstructed building.

According to the director of the hospital Larysa Mamaieva, the department has created all the conditions for a full cycle of treatment: from examination to rehabilitation. There is modern equipment for emergency care.

‘We accept patients with strokes, diseases of the spine, cerebrovascular disorders. We also provide emergency assistance. We are conducting thrombolytic therapy,’ the doctor says.

The wards and doctors' offices in the department have been completely renovated, all communications have been replaced, and ventilation has been provided. With the help of Metinvest Group, patients are provided with oxygen.

Vadym Boichenko noted that the municipality is doing everything to save the health and lives of Mariupol residents.

‘We have set ourselves the goal of reducing the disability and mortality from stroke by 35%. Now we have even exceeded this figure. It is 36%. After all, we have created conditions for full-fledged treatment in our medical institutions. They are comfortable for patients and filled with modern medical equipment,’ the Mayor stressed.

He added that over UAH 1.4 billion have been invested in medicine over the past five years. However, today, according to the Mayor, there is a new challenge - to attract young doctors to the city. This requires an increase in funding from the central government.

Reconstruction of the neurological department was implemented at the expense of the city budget and financial resources from the National Health Insurance Fund.