French entrepreneurs are ready to develop business climate of Mariupol

11 July 2018, 18:32
Society, Economics

A ‘round table’ concerning ‘French experience of business operations in Ukraine’ has been held today in Mariupol. The delegation headed by the Ambassador of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont, the City Mayor Vadim Boichenko, the representatives of French business and local entrepreneurs have discussed  the prospects of economic cooperation and attracting investment into development of Mariupol.

France is a strategic partner of Ukraine, the country with a rich cultural, economic, high-technology and agricultural experience. It is one of the main foreign employers that creates new work places.

 ‘Mariupol is one of the biggest cities of Ukraine. There are great opportunities here. We have to think how to make Mariupol a key city from the point of view of the development of international partnership relations’, the President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine Gennadiy Chizhikov admitted.

Isabelle Dumont told that French side is ready to cooperate with the city: ‘Mariupol has become a symbol of Ukraine, we can see great opportunities of the city. All this is a mutual result of city authorities’ work, civil society and business class. Our visit to Mariupol will possibly become a push to cooperation for French companies. I want to conclude a meeting with clear ideas and suggested projects to come back to Mariupol again and bring certain investors who will be ready to cooperate with the city’.

In turn, Vadim Boichenko told about development of friendship between Mariupol and France. Numerous visits into European country allowed to get new experience, ideas and projects.

‘Key steps to Mariupol success with international partners: transparent job, development strategy and clear vectors of work. There are real projects which we are realizing with French companies and our international partners. It was not so easy to reach but we have been able to reach it. As an example, we work with international financial corporation and EBRD to create a transport model. We have attracted loanable and grant funds of EBRD and E5P in the amount of EUR 18 mln. We are starting the purchase of 72 trolley-buses. We will make repairs of trolley system and depot’,
the City Mayor added.

The Mayor of Mariupol also said that the city has got on the path of stable green development. City authorities is working at solving important problems concerning water supply, water disposal, energy efficiency, outdoor lighting and management of solid municipal waste.

The Head of Economical mission of the Ambassy Vinesuant Prengo admitted that French entrepreneurs are ready to cooperate if they see the prospects of development: ‘The main thing is to give a push for cooperation. It is important to develop the East of Ukraine, we have all the possibilities to influence it. The key issue is to have a strategy and Mariupol has it’.

The President of ‘Ukraine-France’ Association Yuri Gusev added that France can provide tools and attract technology for business development in Ukraine.

‘We face new challenges. I am sure that through our partnership we will build new opportunities for Mariupol. In 5-10 years we will see these changes and even love our beautiful city more,’
Vadim Boichenko shares his opinion.

During the ‘round table’, entrepreneurs proposed options for cooperation, ideas for expanding business and forging partnerships.