Budget of public participation: residents of Mariupol are improving their yards

23 February 2021, 16:32
Public budget

“Pearl of Cheryomushki” is the name of recreation area given by the winners of the “Public Participation Budget”. It is aimed at the social and economic development of Mariupol. With its help, residents can realize their ideas at the expense of the city budget.

About UAH 200 000 were allocated for the implementation of the project. The tiles and a curb were laid on the spot, part of the site was covered with rubble, benches with backs and lighting was connected.

“The program changes the process of managing and distributing budget funds. Residents of Mariupol themselves propose where the money from the city budget will be directed. The importance and priority of participating projects is also determined by residents. Today we see a growing interest in the program. UAH 10 million per year are allocated for the implementation of projects,” Yevgeniy Bodyagin, Director of the Department for Economics said.

So, according to the program "Budget of Public Participation" two projects can be submitted for the competition - small or large. The first include initiatives of quarterly, district and street significance with funding of up to UAH 200 000. Large projects are of inter-district and city-wide significance. Their cost is within UAH 500 000.

“There has been a stage for performances at this place for many years. Inhabitants of several neighboring houses often organize joint parties. Bands from the Palaces of Culture also come to us to perform. Over time, the conditions for meetings and concerts became unsuitable. Winning the program's competition allowed us to start large-scale changes in our yard. Benches with backs are convenient for spectators, a dance floor laid out with the tiles. This year we want to submit another project for participation in order to continue the improvement and renovate the stage, " the author of the project Natalia Gubskaya said.