The first medical front-office is opened in Mariupol

27 December 2018, 17:19
Medicine, Social Security

It has started its work  on the basis of the Center for Primary Health Care №2. The total amount of the project is UAH 168 000. These are UNDP’s  and city’s funds. Due to the innovation, people with disabilities can now undergo a medical examination on the first floor of the clinic. Besides, it is possible to get help from diversified specialists by visiting just one office.

The project is implemented on a universal design. In this matter, Mariupol took over the experience of Kiev. Thus, the reception desk is not fenced with glass. Germicidal lamps will protect visitors from germs. A low table is equipped for people in wheelchairs. In the central hall there are soft sofas and coffee tables. To simplify the orientation of the building center , information signs are attached on the walls. A new ramp was installed with a two-tier railing and a button to call a medical officer at the entrance to the institution.

The front office appeared due to the project  called ‘Benevolent Medicine. Reconstruction of the registry’. It is being implemented within the framework of the joint UNDP, WHO and ILO program ‘Promoting integration policies and services for people with disabilities in Ukraine’, with the support of the UN Partnership on the implementation of the rights of people with disabilities.