"Big construction": There is a large-scale reconstruction of the basic school in Mariupol

02 June 2020, 12:40
Society, Education

The capital reconstruction of school 26 is in process in Prymorsky district. The object is planned to be handed over at the end of this year. The contractor is actively working on the replacement of communications, redevelopment and arrangement of the basement. It had been flooded before and now there will be built a separate spacious dining room and a number of rooms will be equipped. Mayor Vadym Boichenko got acquainted with the course of capital repairs.

‘We have chosen a strategy for the infrastructural regeneration of educational institutions. We are building support schools in every district of Mariupol. They are called to become methodological centers and an example for future changes. At the same time, we implement local activities for energy-efficient modernization and spot repairs. In just three years, windows and doors have been completely replaced with plastic in 40% of the city's institutions. Children are our future and creating comfortable conditions for them is our top priority,’
the Mayor stressed.

The total cost of the project is about UAH 95 million. The implementation will take place in three stages - renovation of the building, construction of a school sports area and filling with equipment. The cost of reconstruction of the premises is over UAH 41 million. Funding comes from three sources. The share from the local budget will be UAH 7.9 million. Within the framework of the Big Construction project, a state subvention in the amount of UAH 16.9 million was allocated and almost the same amount was allocated by the State Fund for Rural Development.

New nuances opened up during the construction works. For example, one side of the school was located not on the foundation, but on the ground. Water was also pumped out of the base. It did not allow the use of the premises located there. Now there is a spacious dining room. It had been combined with the assembly hall before. Dismantling works have already been completed, almost all windows have been replaced, electrical wiring and internal heating systems have been laid.

The school will also have a full-fledged cultural center. There will be sections and events for children, a theater club and even a museum. The epicenter of active life will be a spacious gym. All offices will be repaired taking into account the previously developed design. Each school side will have its own corporate color. The novelty will be the use of self-leveling floor and membrane roof.