The biggest Ukrainian Center of Administrative Services to be in Mariupol: Vadim Boichenko about ‘Multicenter’ in Levoberezhye

31 October 2018, 17:29

The construction of the ‘Multicenter’ is being continued in Levoberezhnyi District. The total cost of the project, taking into account the improvement of the territory, is more than UAH 100 million. The state fund allocates UAH 28 million for regional development. More than UAH 10 million was invested by the Metinvest Group. The remaining funds are taken from the local budget. In addition, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is engaged in the technical equipment of the center.

At the moment, the staircase has been completely completed, dismantling is ready for 95 % and external and internal walls for 50%. The work is being done on the interior walls on the first floor. The replacement of the roof constructive element will be completed and the works on the landscaping will be carried out later.

According to the Mayor, the center will become the largest Center of Administrative Services in Ukraine and will give about 120 of new work places.

‘The largest Center of Administrative Centers in Ukraine is going to be in Mariupol. The key is that we are creating an open office where the specialists of the municipal sphere will provide high-quality service. People will be met by a friendly team which will be able to help Mariupol people in solving their problems promptly,’
Vadim Boichenko stressed.

Administrative, municipal, social and pension services will be provided in ‘Multicenter’ building.In addition, there will be a registry office. The highlight of the project will be an observation deck which will be located on the roof of the center. ‘Veselka’ park will be seen from there.