Our task is to provide security of our residents: Vadim Boichenko about overhaul of the residential buildings

18 June 2019, 17:03
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

Mayor Vadim Boichenko has visited two houses, where according to the residents' requests, major repairs are being carried out to strengthen the building structures. Both objects were in disrepair. The total funding amounted to almost UAH 20 million.

The residents of a multi-storey building on 23Stroiteley Avenue, appealed for help to the city authorities after a crack was formed on the building. The experts found that the house is in a critical condition and began work.

They will be held in two stages. On the first floor, they will carry out a major overhaul of the roof, strengthen the base, make armored belt and renew the facade. On the second - they will repair the entrances and engineering networks. The total cost of the work is more than UAH 11 million.

According to the Mayor, there are more than 70 houses in Mariupol, which are primarily in need of major repairs. For decades, they have not been repaired. In 2019, it is planned to repair 11 houses.

‘Previously, these houses belonged to construction companies and enterprises. They gradually transferred them to the balance of the city. Now we are gradually repairing emergency houses,’ Vadim Boichenko noted.

The house, located on  14Khmelnitsky Boulevard, was also in disrepair. But today there is a 95% have been repaired. Here they have made a roof with insulation, installed plastic windows, carried out repairs to the entrances and installed a pump to normalize cold water supply. There is a beautiful yellow-blue facade instead of cracks. The house received a second life and most importantly - its tenants are happy with the changes.

‘Our task is to ensure the safety of our residents. When we see that the house is in disrepair, we cannot leave the residents face to face with the problems that have accumulated over the decades. But common responsibility is important. When every resident will be responsible for his house, then we will quickly restore order,’
the Mayor stressed.