We chose Mariupol - a city where opportunities for doctors are created: intern Valentina Klimovych

28 February 2021, 13:04
Society, Medicine, Stories of Mariupol residents

Valentina Klimovych and Sofia Kosareva study together at the internship at Donetsk Medical University. Both girls came to Mariupol from other cities of Ukraine. Now they are preparing to become family doctors. The practice is held on the basis of the Primary Health Care Center No. 3. They told why they chose our city for training.

Valentina was born in a small town in the Volyn region. In the family, no one had anything to do with medicine. The incident with her grandmother pushed the girl to choose a future profession.

“When I was in the seventh grade, my grandmother went to the hospital. When she came back home, she had to measure blood pressure and give injections. I learned everything and began to be more interested in medicine. After that, my grandmother wanted me to become a doctor, ” the girl says.

First, Valentina entered the Kovel Medical College as a paramedic. After graduation, she worked for five months at a feldsher-obstetric station. Then she realized that she wanted to go further and decided to continue her studies at the medical university. Long preparation and dedication gave the result - the girl entered the Ternopil National Medical University.

After graduation, Valentina married a military man. Soon he was assigned to Mariupol. So, the young couple ended up in a city on the shores of the Azov Sea. Valentina entered the internship at the Donetsk National Medical University, specializing in "Family Doctor". For the place of practice I chose the Primary Health Care Center No. 3. Here she was supported and helped.

The hospital made a great impression on her. According to her, the conditions here are very comfortable both for work and for patients. Conditions for professional growth have been created. She is also delighted with Mariupol itself.

“I am from a small town where there is no sea and no industrial facilities. The first days in Mariupol I walked with admiration. I was especially impressed by the beauty of the city center during the New Year holidays. The Christmas tree here was probably the most beautiful in Ukraine. If now someone offered to move to another city, I would refuse, ” the future doctor shares his impressions.

Valentina's classmate Sofia Kosareva came to Mariupol from Horlivka. She graduated from school in a difficult 2014, and without hesitation made the decision to leave her hometown. The girl entered the Zaporozhye National Medical University. According to her, the decision to connect life with medicine was predetermined.

“My mother is also a doctor. Since childhood, I have heard a lot of talk about the hospital. It was interesting for me to study how a person works. Although I was also attracted by the law, and I was thinking of going to law. But my mother still convinced me to go to the medical school, ” the girl recalls.

Sofia has relatives in Mariupol, so I decided to continue my internship here. Moreover, she really likes the changes that are taking place in the city.

“I have been visiting Mariupol for the last five years. I see how much everything is changing for the better here. Now it has become very beautiful. I am glad that much attention is paid to the development of medicine. In Zaporozhye, only a regional hospital has such a high standard. In Mariupol, medical institutions are entering a modern format of work, ” Sofia shares her impressions.

She positively assesses the changes in the reform of the health care system. She is impressed by the idea of ​​a family doctor who has been leading the whole family since childhood. This makes it possible to know all diseases and make decisions about the right treatment easier.

Both Sofia and Valentina note that in Mariupol they feel special interest and support from the city. The city government pays additional scholarships to interns. According to them, it motivates and shows how important doctors are for the city.