More than UAH 500 mln have been given for three years to support HOAs

13 August 2019, 16:07

Today 730 HOAs have been registered in Mariupol. This is almost 50% of the total housing stock of the city. In 2017 UAH 160 million were allocated for HOA support program UAH in 2018 - 175 million. In 2019 the planned amount of financing is UAH 211 million. Mayor Vadim Boichenko noted the importance of joining to the HOAs and will regularly check the progress of the support program.

Thus, an active work is being done in the yards of the streets. 80 Nikolaevskaya, 1 Sobornaya Str. and 39  Savchuk Str. All three houses joined HOAs at different times. But they were united by a goal - the improvement of housing conditions and the improvement of their yard.

For two years, with the support of the city, the overhaul of electric networks and current repair of the roof in the amount of UAH 774 000 were carried out in the houses. The residents’ funds are only UAH 20 000. By the end of the year, the ‘Cosy Yard’ project will be implemented at these addresses. Each house will have an equipped area with a playground, benches, ballot boxes and tile paths. Besides, the asphalt covering is thoroughly repaired up to the main street. According to the head of the Department for Development and Support of HOA Sergey Marchuk, such a decision will accelerate the process of comprehensive road repair.

Vadim Boichenko noted positive changes: ‘You are great fellows. You have united to make your houses better.  We got rid of the problems that worried you over the years. This is the essence of the transition to association. You prioritize and know what needs to be done first’.

During the conversation, the residents raised the problem of the illegal sale of a alcohol drinks near residential buildings.

‘In this matter, a special role is played by the police, who every day provide security in the streets of Mariupol. But you need to be honest. There are times when disrespect is shown to members of the rule of law. It is unacceptable. Every day, police officers risk themselves so that we live in peace. Therefore, we must respect them and provide comprehensive assistance. It is in our common interest,’
Vadim Boichenko stressed.

The residents appreciated the Mayor for the changes that they see in the city and attention to their problems.