Life is saved using new angiograph in Mariupol for the first time

13 September 2018, 17:15

A human life of the citizen of Mariupol has been saved in an Emergency Care Hospital on September 10 by doing a stenting surgery on a new angiograph. Due to a new medical equipment, urgent heart surgery is free in Mariupol. It used to cost about UAH 45 000 and the operations were done with the equipment of private hospital. The purchase of angiograph in a Heart Center is a mutual project of the city and Public Health Ministry. Its total cost is about UAH 18 mln.

 ‘The first help has been given to the patient with a new equipment. Three hours have passed since the beginning of symptoms of the disease. This is a high time to do a surgery. I want to address all the citizens to be careful to your health. Having the first symptoms such as pain in chest and stomach, call the doctor. Having heart disease, the first hours after the symptoms are very important’, Sergei Orleanskii, the Chief doctor of the First Aid Team said.

According to the patient, she didn’t understand seriousness of her condition. The operation has passed quickly and painless.

 ‘The team has worked professionally. I appreciate all the doctors who have saved my life and my good angel who spread the wings that day’, Olga Orlova, the patient thanks.

A Chief cardiologist of the unit Duran Medina Cesar has operated a woman. He told that a patient was brought into hospital with acute myocardial mokard. The patient was in a condition of an acute period of her illness. Thus, it was taken a decision of urgent surgery.

 ‘New equipment is of high quality. It has more possibilities. Our team is going to get a handle on all the functions. We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and we are always ready to help’, a cardiologist said.

The Deputy Mayor Kseniia Sukhova admitted that Heart Center keeps developing. Next year repair works of other units will be held.

‘Today we have already saved lives due to new equipment. Operating theatres look like as in Europe and the best centers of Ukraine. While having an operation, other doctors assist and the premises are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment. We are ready to save hearts and lives of Mariupol citizens. The center will be developing. This year we are going to repair the second part of the unit. Our goal is to expand the opportunities of rendering medical assistance in Mariupol’, Kseniia Sukhova emphasized.