Vadim Boichenko visits veterans in hospital

10 September 2018, 12:42

Today Mariupol has celebrated the 75th anniversary of Freedom of the City from fascist invaders. A Mayor Vadim Boichenko visited the holiday of veterans and participants of hostilities that are having treatment in a geriatric ward of №9 city hospital.

‘You have given us peace and freedom. You developed Mariupol with courage and bravery. You were doing it not for yourself but for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You have taught us to work, fight, know what strong spirit is and look straight in the eyes of the problems. We appreciate everything you have done. We are developing our city for future generations. The most important thing is not to forget courage and heroism that were a basis of long awaited victory and to make all this to be transferred from generation to generation. Our children should be brought in peace and freedom’,
the Mayor admitted.

The City Mayor appreciated every veteran for reconstruction of Mariupol anew. They created roads, kindergartens, hospitals and put iron and steel works up through their labour.

 ‘Today we are on our own way of development. We want to present a modern, strong city that should become a symbol of hope for our children. I want them to tie their future with our city. I want us to be proud of Mariupol and love it’, Vadim Boichenko emphasized.

Every veteran got flowers, a present and words of appreciation for peace. They see the way Mariupol is growing, blooming and becoming a bright city of Azov region.