Vadym Boichenko tasted delicacies of Ukrainian cuisine and congratulated Mariupol citizens on Independence Day

24 August 2017, 20:23

Today, Mariupol along with the whole country celebrates the birthday of Ukraine. There were street foods around the streets, photo-locations with the background of national symbols, funny contests and entertainment concerts of local performers were also organized for citizens. Vadym Boichenko, the Mayor of the city also attended the celebration with pleasure.

Thousands of Mariupol citizens tasted different dishes of Ukrainian national cuisine. The Mayor noted with what hospitality and positivity he was met in each tent with food. “I am very pleased with your mood. You just share your energy and show how generous Ukrainian culture is”, - Vadym Boichenko thanked for the gifts.

At the main stage near the Drama Theater, the Mayor noted that Independence was a force that lived in the hearts of all of us and reflected in real actions. He also urged residents to strive together for the development and prosperity of their hometown for the benefit of the country.

“Ukraine is you and me. From the North to the South, from the West to the East, we love our country and we are proud that we are Ukrainians. Today we celebrate the birthday of Ukraine in a peaceful and safe Mariupol city. Happy holiday, Mariupol!” - Vadym Boichenko congratulated.