Vadim Boichenko holds a personal appointment

15 May 2019, 16:52

Mayor Vadim Boichenko has held a personal reception of citizens. Mariupol residents were asked to help the Mayor solve their burning problems. The townspeople were concerned with a range of different issues: from problems with the installation of the pipeline to solving controversial issues in land relations.

Thus, Olga Aleksandrovna, a resident of a private house, came to the reception. She said that she had a land conflict with a neighbour. According to the woman, a resident of a neighboring house has expanded its garage and barn at her territory.

‘I wanted to put a fence, he was against it. I decided to install it myself. The police arrived. A neighbor showed a document that the shed and garage were legalized last year,’ Olga Alexandrovna said.

Vadim Boichenko instructed a specialist to examine the issue and make a decision in accordance with the law.

‘I want everyone to understand that in our city there is the law in the center of everything. And all questions will be solved only within it. Only in this way will we build a European legal society,’
the Mayor stressed.

In addition, an immigrant who participated in the ATO addressed the reception. He spoke about housing difficulties and the problem of employment. He was promised to assist in solving the problem. The Mayor told that now in Mariupol a joint project with the Government of Ukraine is being implemented to acquire service housing.

Vadim Boichenko listened to every resident. Everybody was given appropriate explanations. All appeals are reviewed in details and transferred to the control of specialized professionals.

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