Vadym Boichenko congratulates the employees of the municipality on the spring holiday

04 March 2021, 16:14

On the eve of the spring holiday, Mayor Vadym Boichenko has congratulated the employees of the municipality. They were noted with letters of gratitude. The event took place at Mariupol Chamber Philharmonic.

“You represent spring, love, care and wisdom. Today our city is changing, becoming comfortable and modern. The hard work of the municipality is behind this. But few people know that 80% of its employees are women. It is you who develop Mariupol, think about its beauty and success, ” Vadym Boichenko noted.

The Mayor presented certificates of honor and gratitude to employees of local self-government bodies, representatives of the deputy corps and condominiums. At the end of the celebration, the Quartman pop and jazz quartet and the Renaissance chamber orchestra performed for all those present.