Vadym Boichenko congratulates mothers of large families on the holiday of spring

04 March 2021, 14:39

Vadym Boichenko has visited Left Bank District Family Support Center. The Mayor congratulated 16 women from family-type foster homes and orphanages on the holiday of spring.

“Each of you has a huge motherly heart. You let a large number of children into it. Due to an important decision once made, children deprived of parental care received a family and a home. Your strength lies in the love you give them, ” the Mayor stressed.

The Mayor presented all those present with flowers and gift certificates worth UAH 5 000. Among them there is the parent-educator of the parental home of the family type Natalya Postrigan. She has two siblings and six adopted children. According to her, she was pushed to adoption by an article about children who were abandoned by their parents.

“From that moment I realized that I could not stay away. I started helping children in boarding schools. Over time, like-minded people appeared. We have organized a charitable foundation. After a while, I decided to adopt a child. There were periods when they lost heart. But then I realized that I was on the right path, ” the woman says.

The mother of many children appreciated Vadym Boichenko for his attention and support. She added that the city's feedback gives parents an additional incentive to support children in need.