Vadim Boichenko: Mariupol will not have illegal small architectural forms!

22 August 2018, 17:51
Society, Sessions of the city council

Today at the session the deputies have supported the issue on making changes to the decision of Mariupol City Council ‘On approval of the Regulations according the placement of temporary structures for carrying out entrepreneurial activities’. It simplifies the procedure for dismantling illegal trading facilities.

‘I am against illegal small architectural forms established in Mariupol. I am against watering holes which today are unlimitedly installed illegally in our city and make people drunk,’
the Mayor Vadim Boichenko stressed.

According to the draft decision, in case of detection of a new illegally established trade object, the chairman of the district administration organizes a commission survey of the identified point within one working day. According to its results, an act is drawn up stating that the object is to be dismantled.

‘298 illegal small architectural forms have been installed in Mariupol. The Commission will take a decision of the dismantling of those forms  that are established illegally. This issue simplifies the dismantling of newly installed facilities that have not passed the inventory,’ the Deputy Mayor Mikhail Ivchenko stressed.

In Mariupol they are working to develop small and medium-sized businesses. All conditions are created for entrepreneurs who want to work transparently and in a legal channel.

‘Watering holes are black holes on the map of our city. We know what kind of surrogate is poured in them and what consequences are after that. This is a tragedy in the family, stabbing and unsanitary conditions. Alcohol addicted person in the family is a huge grief for parents, wife and children’, the chairperson of Luchistyi agency said.

Svetlana Makarova, the head of Health Department, also spoke about the negative impact of alcohol. A large number of injuries and poisoning is associated with alcohol addiction. ‘During the summer holidays, we began to mark a significant increase in children's alcohol poisoning. This is a catastrophe! We fix poisoning of children up to 10 cases a month', he said.

The Deputy Mayor Yaroslav Khotnyanskiy stressed that the city and law enforcement agencies work 24 hours a day. ‘A small number of people who profit from the health of the citizens are looking for support of the political roof in order not to be touched. Such a roof in Mariupol will not be found. In Mariupol, there will be no illegally established small architectural forms and bulk stores’.