Vadym Boichenko: Mariupol chooses the path of development through transparency

27 July 2021, 17:29
Society, Economics

At the XVI Ukrainian Municipal Forum, Mayor Vadym Boichenko has told how Mariupol became the most transparent city in Ukraine. This goal was achieved through open procurement, transparency of services and interaction with society.

Vadym Boichenko stressed that Mariupol was one of the first to join the Prozorro e-procurement system and the first to Prozorro.Prodazha. Since 2016, the city has saved more than UAH 1 billion. The funds went to the development of schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

‘Mariupol is a leader in the transparency and accountability rating among Ukrainian cities. Although we occupied the distant 57th position three years ago. It may seem that such a leap for the city was simple. But in fact, there was the painstaking and systematic work of the municipality team. And this work is continued now,’ the Mayor said.

Besides, the city by the sea has revised its approach to the provision of administrative services. There are three Administrative Service Centers in Mariupol. One of them is the largest social office "Multicenter" in Ukraine. It combines the provision of administrative, communal, social and pension services. There is even a registry office on this territory. Mobile Centers of Administrative Services are available for the residents of remote villages. The residents receive almost 500 different services quickly without protection.

The Mayor added that the main indicator of the centers' work is the assessment of people. The level of satisfaction of the population with services is not less than 99%. This is the way Mariupol managed to increase the level of trust in the municipality.

Vadym Boichenko is sure that the forum "RE: THINK Invest in Ukraine", openness and transparency have provided the city with EUR 200 million of investment and cooperation with promising international organizations. For example, we have created a unique project that changes the usual understanding of outdoor lighting together with the European Investment Bank.

‘Transparency is an opportunity to be successful, to attract the best practices, to save money and at the same time increase your efficiency. Mariupol chose the path of development through transparency. And we are ready to share our experience with other communities,’ the Mayor summed up.