Vadym Boichenko: Mariupol is a city that has become an example of rapid development under the blue and yellow flag

08 October 2021, 13:01

During the All-Ukrainian Forum "Veteran Society Dialogue", Mayor Vadym Boichenko stressed that Mariupol has become a successful example of the development of the Ukrainian city for the temporarily occupied territories. He noted that due to the support of the state and the power block managed to become a showcase of the revived Ukrainian Donbass.

Vadym Boichenko added that Mariupol enlisted the support of the military and did everything possible for them to perform combat missions at a high level. He also added that the planned development of Mariupol provides an opportunity for people from the temporarily occupied territories to understand that it is possible to live in Ukraine and make plans for the future.

‘Through development, we fight for people's minds and hearts. And the territories will return together with the people. In this sense, the role of defenders is especially important. After all, development is possible only on a solid foundation, which was formed today by our servicemen,’ the Mayor of Mariupol stressed.

Marine military chaplain Andrei Zelinsky said that Mariupol is a city where the Ukrainian sun rises: ‘Mariupol has made the right emphasis - educating the next generation. A clear example is the creation of a cell of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy in Mariupol.’

In turn, the director of the Institute of National Memory Anton Drobovich set Mariupol as an example, because the municipality pays attention to the formation of culture and historical ties. In particular, due to the beginning of the Port Cultures project.

Vadym Boichenko stressed that Mariupol is ready to share its experience with other cities of Ukraine for the development of a powerful Ukrainian state.

‘We have reformed utilities - made them a service for people. Emphasis was placed on creating a new face of the municipality - honest and open to the people. Became an example for the region in the development of IT. Made our city our home for thousands of IDPs. They are the new people of Mariupol for us. Mariupol is a city that has become an example of rapid development under the blue-yellow flag,’ the Mayor of Mariupol summed up.