Tariff for heat will be recalculated for entrepreneurs

19 January 2022, 19:25

Enterprises receiving heat from Mariupolteploset will receive a recalculation of tariffs. Mayor Vadym Boichenko told about it at the meeting of the executive committee.

“Mariupol was allocated a gas limit for December. There was a decision - if the city invests in these limits, then enterprises that receive heat from Teploset can receive it under the first preferential group. That is, we have the opportunity to give heat to businesses at a price for the population,” the mayor explained.

The mayor stressed that now entrepreneurs have to pay 5-6 times more for heat supply than the population. And it stimulates the growth of the cost of goods and services for residents, because the city is trying to support the business. Now "Mariupolteploset" lists the tariffs for the last month.

This decision became possible due to the position of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the further adoption of the Memorandum between the Government, Naftogaz and the cities. In particular, this document made it possible to stabilize the work of Mariupolteploset and maintain the social tariff for the population. At the same time, a higher market rate was set for legal entities. Saving gas limits allows you to sell heat at a reduced rate not only to residents, but also to entrepreneurs.

It should be reminded that Mariupolteploset is implementing a unique investment program, which is already showing the first results. Within five years, it is planned to carry out more than 200 energy-efficient measures to reduce the consumption of energy resources.