The strength is in the unity: 102 anniversary of the Unity Day of Ukraine is celebrated in Mariupol

22 January 2021, 11:37

Today, January 22, Ukraine celebrates the Unity Day. Mayor, Vadym Boichenko, the people's deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Magera, the secretary of the council Ksenia Sukhova, as well as the deputies of the Mayor laid flowers at the monument to T. Shevchenko in honor of this day.

Vadym Boichenko noted that in 1919, when the Act of Zluky was proclaimed, one goal was set - the unity of the Ukrainian people. Today, according to the Mayor, Mariupol demonstrates the strength of such a unity.

“We have shown that in difficult conditions we can unite for peace, freedom and unity of Ukraine. Today it is important that these principles live in our hearts. We are united by a common goal - to develop our country and community. Everyone wants hospitals to be filled with all the necessary equipment in Mariupol, so that comfortable transport runs on schedule and there are new opportunities for our children. And our unity is in this striving to develop,” the Mayor stressed.