A fairy-tale castle with a height of 9 meters to appear in Hurov park

20 July 2021, 19:00
Infrastructure development

A large-scale opening of the central part of Hurov park is expected by the City Day of Mariupol. Mayor Vadym Boichenko and General Director of Metinvest Group Yury Ryzhenkov got acquainted with the progress of the work.

‘Due to abnormal rains, the reconstruction process was slightly slowed down, but now all work has been restored in full. We will celebrate the birthday of the city at a new location - in Hurov Park. But we will not stop there. This will be followed by the reconstruction of the green zone along the river, the embankment and the Extreme Park. There will be one more magnet of attraction in Mariupol’, Vadym Boichenko said.

The first stage of reconstruction includes 14 hectares - from "Ukrainian House" recreation center to the barbecue area. The territory will house a stage, a playground and two fountains. Cascade fountain will be the longest drop in water in the country. Pedestrian fountain will have a 3D projection function, which will allow broadcasting video against the background of water.

Landscaping will make the promenade area unique for Mariupol. More than 20 thousand flowers, shrubs and trees will be planted along 2.5 km, which will create an atmosphere of wild nature, which will be emphasized by special lighting in the dark. It is expected to bloom almost all year round. Seasonal plants such as magnolias, sakuras and alpine herbs will replace each other and delight vacationers.

A playground will be opened in the form of a fairy-tale castle 9 m high and 22 m wide for the smallest Mariupol residents. It can simultaneously accommodate about 350 children. Besides, smaller platforms will be installed in the shape of a ship and a slide.

They will also update the stage where the festive concerts will be held. It will be high, round and open. The performances will be watched not only from the central alley, but also from the barbecue area.

Metinvest Group has participated in all the reconstruction of parks and green areas in Mariupol. About UAH 100 million was allocated for the renovation of Hurov park.

‘It is important for us that there are such comfortable rest areas in Mariupol. This is a significant contribution to the development of the city and its future,’ Yuri Ryzhenkov noted.