The cost of a single trip in public transport to increase in Mariupol

21 July 2021, 16:44
Society, Transport

The members of the executive committee have supported the decision to increase the cost of one-time travel in transport. One trip on a municipal and private bus and trolleybus will cost UAH 10, UAH 9 - in a tram. The need to change the fare is due to several factors at once. Vasyl Klat, Director of the Department of Transport and Communications, spoke about them.

‘The main component in the tariff is the wage fund. Due to the quarantine, the passenger traffic fell by 30%. Mariupol Tram and Trolley-bus Administration suffered significant losses. As a result, employees were left without a bonus. 18 drivers have written a letter of resignation. Now there are 34 vacancies at the enterprise,’ he said.

In addition, the cost of diesel fuel increased by 44%. Spare parts and equipment have risen in price. At the same time, the city from the budget should cover the benefits of 200 thousand residents who enjoy the right of free travel.

According to Vasyl Klat, the economically justified tariff for tram and trolleybus is UAH 21, and for a bus - more than UAH 12. But realizing that such a price would be unaffordable for most residents, a minimal increase in value was proposed.

‘We must understand that this is a difficult, but objectively necessary decision. If we want to keep the new transport and develop it in the future, then we need to increase the cost of travel. Otherwise, Mariupol Tram and Trolley-bus Administration will simply be left without qualified drivers, and the transport will not be repaired,’ First Deputy Mayor Mykhailo Kohut said.

Residents of Mariupol will be able to save money on travel by purchasing a monthly ticket. Its cost will be 450 UAH, which is equal to 7.5 UAH per trip. For students and schoolchildren - 225 UAH (3.75 UAH per trip). The price of the pass is from UAH 500 to 1300 in other cities.

Vasyl Klat said that Mariupol Tram and Trolley-bus park has been completely renewed in five years. 100 buses, 89 trolleybuses and new trams were purchased. Today the share of municipal transport is 80%. A modern control room was made. Information boards are installed.

The plans are to complete the reconstruction project of the depot and to update the tram route No. 10. And this is more than 18 km of track. It is planned to implement an e-ticket. Now it operates as a pilot on bus route No.16.