An updated department of head and neck reconstructive surgery is opened in Mariupol

15 December 2020, 15:48
Society, Medicine

In City Hospital No. 1, a renewed department of head and neck reconstructive surgery has appeared. Here, on modern equipment, they have already been carrying out the necessary operations on the maxillofacial area after accidents and surgical interventions. Mayor Vadym Boichenko noted that this is a new approach to the treatment of residents of the city and the region.

“Mariupol has talented, professional doctors, some of whom come to us from other cities. We have a financial resource that we are ready to direct to the development of medicine. I am sure that through the implementation of such projects, Mariupol is becoming a strong medical center in the East of Ukraine, ” Vadym Boichenko stressed.

At the conference, which was dedicated to the opening of the branch, the secretary of Mariupol City Council Ksenia Sukhova said that for Mariupol this is another step towards opening up new opportunities.

“The development of medicine is a key area for the city. Our task is to change the infrastructure, create new conditions for doctors and patients. We have gone half a year towards the opening of a renewed branch. Our doctors were trained, and Kiev specialists provided invaluable assistance. Due to this, residents of Mariupol will receive a new level of medical services, ” the secretary of the council said.

The All-Ukrainian Association of Maxillofacial Surgery provided assistance in the implementation of new methods of diagnosis and treatment. Its chairman Vasyl Rybak noted that Mariupol center has all the necessary basis for development. He presented Ksenia Sukhova with gratitude to Mariupol City Council for supporting the development of medicine.

“Our goal is to make the Mariupol branch the best in Ukraine. It has all the equipment you need for maxillofacial surgery. The key is training and replenishment of highly professional specialists. In this direction, we are helping to train medical personnel, ”he said.

The department successfully combines the potential of medicine and science. According to the head of the department, surgeon Serhii Karpenko, a patient who comes to the department undergoes computed tomography. Then the 3-D scan is printed at  Priazov State Technical University. This allows doctors to predict the future look of the face, and the patient to see how he will look after surgery. All offices and wards have been renovated. A modern German-made surgical table and endoscopic stand were purchased in the operating room. A screen is installed to visualize the progress of the operation.

“We can repair birth defects, post-traumatic defects, and reconstruct damaged areas of the head or neck so that patients can return to their daily lives. Our capabilities even allow putting on voice prostheses, ” Serhii Karpenko said.

Director of the city hospital No. 1 Larisa Mamaeva stressed that the department is another proof of the transformation of medicine in Mariupol: “Over the past five years, the city's medicine has changed dramatically. We didn't even believe that change could happen so quickly. We have reconstructed six branches. Renovation work is underway in the seventh. We are provided with new highly professional equipment. The equipment for UAH 12 million was purchased by the otolaryngology department  . Now we have an updated department of head and neck reconstructive surgery, which allows us to perform unique operations on the basis of our hospital.