The system of wastewater disposal to be improved near Veselka Park

27 July 2020, 14:13

To eliminate the consequences of the rainstorm on June 29 and prevent them in the future, a number of measures are being implemented in Mariupol. Thus, a project will be developed for the arrangement of open-type storm inlets in Pashkovskogo Str. PU “Mariupolavtodor” will double the number of drainage system sets in Ukrainian Cossacks Str. Additionally, drains will be equipped in problem areas. Mayor Vadym Boichenko supervised the progress of work performed to eliminate the consequences of bad weather in Veselka park.

Let us remind you that Veselka park suffered from heavy rainfall. The stream of water passed through Pobeda Avenue to the park area and destroyed the fence. Water carried away 65% ​​of the bark and 30% of the decorative crushed stone. The coating of the playground was damaged.

‘The consequences of bad weather have been completely eliminated. The bark is dried and a new one is purchased. Rolled lawns were restored by Zelenstroy. A plan for the reconstruction of the playground cover has been developed. By the end of August, a monolithic rubber coating will appear here. The construction of the fence along Pashkovskogo Street is at the final stage,’ First Deputy Mayor Mikhail Kohut said.

After inspecting the places of accumulation of rain and storm water, drains will be equipped on Metallurgov Ave., 7th  passage and Makara Mazaya Str. "Zelenstroy" liquidated excess soil along Metallurgov Avenue and Olympiyska Str. The dendrologist of the enterprise is developing a plan for planting shrubs to strengthen the slopes in the coastal zones.

Mikhail Kohut also spoke about the progress in eliminating the destruction of the housing stock. Immediately after the rainstorm, 218 complaints were received from residents. All of them were examined and plans for their elimination were developed. The management companies pledged to complete these works by September 20 of this year.

Work schedules were drawn up for the houses of HOAs. It was decided in 8 houses to carry out major repairs as part of the program to support condominiums. At 111 Metallurgov Ave., the roof overhaul is already at its final stage.