LED-upgrade of outdoor lighting to be held in Mariupol

26 February 2020, 16:46
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

About 29 thousand outdoor lamps will be replaced with LED-lamps in Mariupol. This will be possible due to the cooperation with the European Investment Bank within the framework of ‘Program for the development of municipal infrastructure of Ukraine’. The relevant agreement was supported by the deputies of the city council at the session today.

According to the Director of Gorsvet Electric Lighting Networks Enterprise Sergey Prilipin, the project provides the reconstruction of Mariupol outdoor lighting network and the replacement of luminaires with new ones using LED technology. This will improve the volume and quality of services received by residents of the city.

‘The implementation of the project will reduce the cost of electricity and reduce electricity consumption by external lighting networks by 51%. The cost of the service of reconstructed networks will also be reduced. For example, the term of service for LED lamps is at least 12 years and the guarantee is 10,’ he said.

The volume of financing under the EIB program is EUR 14.5 million. The project implementation period is three years. It is worth noting that today the Gorsvet enterprise serves more than 1.3 thousand outdoor lighting facilities and more than 1.1 thousand streets of Mariupol.