A rally dedicated to the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is held in Mariupol

06 December 2021, 12:00

On the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the memory of the servicemen has been honored in Mariupol. The rally was held near the monument to the Soldiers Who Gave Their Lives for Ukraine. It was attended by deputy mayor Arkady Meshkov, the head of the Mariupol regional administration Natalya Bukreeva, military personnel, representatives of the municipality and volunteers.

The rally began with the performance of the Anthem of Ukraine. The participants honored the memory of the killed military men with a minute of silence. Then they laid flowers at the memorial sign.

“When we talk about the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine, we must remember our military. At the cost of their own life and health, they protect our world and are real heroes of our time. Due to them, we can develop and make our dreams come true under the Ukrainian flag, ” Arkady Meshkov stressed.