Mariupol to host Mariupol Classic open-air concert of classical music

28 August 2019, 17:18
Society, Culture, Announcements of city events

This Friday, August 30, at 7 p.m. the second Mariupol Classic Festival of Classical Music will be opened. The grand opening will take place on Theater Square. The open-air format will feature a combined symphony orchestra conducted by the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vasyl Kryachko. The festival itself will last from August 30 to September 8.

The director of the department of cultural and social development, Diana Trima, spoke about the preparations for the festival. Thus, tomorrow the first nonresident artists will arrive in Mariupol.

‘This is the second festival of classical music in Mariupol. This year we set ambitious goals and implemented them. For the first time there will be three-hour symphony concert in the open air. We equip a makeshift room at Theater Square. We’ll put chairs, everyone can enjoy the music program,’ Diana Trima said.

The concert will be hosted by the famous Ukrainian actor and TV presenter Oleg Panyuta. Special guests will perform at the opening - the soloist of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine Oleksandr Chuvpilo and the Honored Artist of Ukraine, the soloist of the National Academic Operetta Theater Valery Tulis. The orchestra will perform modern hits.

Within the framework of the festival, the National Bandura Band will perform with a colorful national program. The Dnieper Academic Opera and Ballet Theater will present the audience with the legendary ballet production of Romeo and Juliet, accompanied by a live symphony orchestra. The outstanding string quartet Kiev Mozart Quartet will perform with the legendary pianist Anthony Barishevskiy.

The organizers tried to take into account all the relevant musical trends of classical art. Different formats of classical music will be presented: symphonic, chamber, instrumental and folk. Many classic hits will be served in a modern twist.

Musicians from the Dnieper, Kharkov, Kiev and Lviv will come to the festival. Every day, concerts will be held at different locations but the chamber philharmonic will be the epicenter of the event.