Electronic library operates in Mariupol

04 November 2019, 16:50
Society, Culture

Korolenko Library has turned into a modern space, combining a digital library and an IT hub. Here you can read a book in electronic form, get a paper one and do coworking. This was told by Mayor Vadym Boichenko during a press conference.

Modern design, bright rooms, comfortable furniture, an elevator for people with disabilities - this is how the updated library looks today. 130 new jobs have been created here. According to Vadym Boichenko, such modern spaces open up new opportunities for young people.

‘Today it is important to transform objects into youth spaces. This is dictated by current trends and a request from our youth. An electronic library and an IT hub should become a place where the younger generation can usefully spend time, learn and, possibly, launch their startup,’
the Mayor said.

He added that attracting young people to reading is one of the important tasks. But for this it is necessary to develop access to e-books. At the same time, in the digital library you can get a paper version. For this, it is enough for the visitor to name the author and the name of the book, the employee finds all the necessary and delivers it to the reader.

It is worth noting that the classic library will also remain. It will be located in the building of the former bank at the address: 43 Grecheskaya Str. The new building is larger in area and will allow to keep the library fund in appropriate conditions. The building will also be renovated.