Entry signpost with Metropolitan Ignatius sculpture is consecrated in Mariupol

15 November 2018, 17:08

Entry signpost with Metropolitan Ignatius sculpture has been consecrated in Mariupol. The monument was established at the city entrance by the side of Mariupol-Berdyansk route. The project was done by means of the city budget and a patron Vadim Novinskiy. The whole amount of the investments is UAH 7.5 mln.

4 meters sculpture of the Holy Hierarch will symbolically greet all the entrants. A memorial sign is supplemented with two imaginative installations with ‘Mariupol’ sign in Ukrainian and Greek languages. The signs are made in yellow and blue colours. A pedestrian area with a relevant ornament of folklife culture is made near the signs.

The City Mayor Vadim Boichenko, the mayor of Kithnos Garderis Stamatis and the president of Cyprus Antoniss Kokyasmenos were present at the event. The date was chosen not by coincidence. On November 15, 1998 the canonization of a holy hierarch Mariupol Ignatius at St. Nikolas Cathedral was effected in Mariupol 20 years ago.

According to Vadim Boichenko, the sculpture is symbolical both for Mariupol and Kithnos. Metropolitan Ignatius, who was born on Kithnos island, took the Greeks to the territory of Priazov and called our city in honor of Holy Mary.

‘The figure of Mitropolitan Ignatius unites us. Two years ago we took hallows of St.Ignatius to the motherland that is Kithnos island. Our cooperation started with it. Today we with the guests from Kithnos consecrate the entry signpost with the sculpture of holy hierarch in Mariupol. This is a symbolical event for our cities that shows that we respect our history and we build a dialogue and cooperation today’,
the City Mayor admitted.

Garderis Stamatis emphasized that he respects the personality of Metrolpolitan Ignatius.

 ‘This person played a great role of the second Moses for Greek people who resettled from Crimea to Mariupol. Now we have developed special friendly relations with Mariupol and we feel at home here”, the Mayor of Kithnos assured.