Mechanisms for improving counteraction to domestic violence are discussed in Mariupol (PHOTO)

29 November 2021, 14:47
Society, Education

Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs has presented the results of a study of district judges' rulings adopted in 2020 based on the results of administrative cases of domestic violence. It was attended by the Secretary of Mariupol City Council Ksenia Sukhova. She stressed that the city has an effective system for combating gender-based violence.

"We are working with our partners to improve the system of combating domestic violence. A shelter, mobile crews and a day center are already operating successfully in Mariupol. It provides comprehensive social, psychological and legal assistance. Mariupol is open to further cooperation on the timely detection of violence and the provision of necessary support. Now it is important to strengthen the work on responsibility for violence, " Ksenia Sukhova said.

President of Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs Serhiy Vitvitsky stressed that the university pays special attention to discussing the issue of combating domestic violence.

"It is important for us to create a platform where we can discuss and resolve important issues. We will send all today's work to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I am sure that the results will be heard and we will be able to influence the situation in this matter. We will be able to overcome the problem of domestic violence, "the president  of the university said.

The research of district judges' rulings was made in order to identify the most common mistakes in documenting administrative offenses.