The Humanitarian Strategy for the Reunification of Ukraine is discussed in Mariupol

11 June 2021, 11:00

Mayor Vadym Boichenko has met with the leader of the National Platform for Reconciliation and Unity Serhii Syvokho. The heads of the United Territorial Unity in the Donetsk Region, representatives of the Ukrainian Institute of Politics, the UN and the public discussed the Humanitarian Strategy for the Reunification of Ukraine together with people's deputies.

‘The peculiarity of Mariupol is its multiculturalism. This gives us the inner strength to face challenges. We have chosen Ukraine and further development strategy together. We were able to make the city better in five years within the framework of decentralization even with limited resources. Now we are fighting for the hearts and minds of people. Mariupol has really become a showcase of the restored Ukrainian Donbass’,

- Vadym Boichenko stressed.

The humanitarian strategy provides for the implementation of a set of measures at the state and public levels. The goal is the restoration of Donbas and the reunification of the country. It is necessary to return people from the temporarily occupied territories, to compensate them for the damage caused by the conflict in the east of Ukraine. The structure of the Strategy provides for five blocks: overcoming social exclusion, protecting the most vulnerable social class and groups, overcoming the consequences of the conflict, returning citizens' trust, restoring unity.

‘This strategy should become an example of the implementation of a humanitarian policy that brings people together and the foundation for creating a new formula for civil peace and harmony in Ukraine. Donbas is a starting point,’ Serhii Sivokho said.