Economic development of the city and Donetsk region is discussed in Mariupol

18 September 2020, 14:17

The First Deputy Minister for Reintegration and Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Rostyslav Zamlynskyi has visited Mariupol today. During the working visit, he met with City Council Secretary Stepan Makhsma, Deputy Mayors Serhiy Orlov and Mykhailo Ivchenko, Adviser to the Donetsk Regional State Administration Mykola Trofimenko and Director of the Economic Department Yevhen Bodyagin. The meeting was attended by the representatives of education, small and medium business. The main topic of discussion was the Economic Development Strategy. Mariupol presented its vision and mission for the coming decade.

The delegation from Kyiv presented its Strategy for the Development of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions, where Mariupol is given a lot of attention. Main topics: environment, development of education, infrastructure and pre-trial system, support of small and medium business, work with farmers, formation of a tourist cluster.

"There is the person in the heart of the Development Strategy. Then there are points of territorial growth, implementation and formation of investment priorities as well as creation of comfortable living conditions and formation of the appropriate social and transport infrastructure, " Rostyslav Zamlynsky said.

Stepan Mahsma noted that the city has a Development Strategy until 2021: “It is aimed at improving utilities and the development of municipal services. We are confident in fulfilling the tasks”.

The next stage is the Opportunity Strategy for 2021-2030. Preliminarily includes 10 key areas: technology, economic transformation, culture and sports, youth creativity, clean environment, functionality, city design, education, health, for the first time the city's image and brand will be developed internationally.

“All work on the new Strategy is aimed at the economic development of Mariupol, the availability of municipal functions, increasing the level of satisfaction among Mariupol residents and interest among city guests. The project is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2021. We rely on the experience of Pittsburgh, involve specialists from different cities of Ukraine and Europe,” Deputy Mayor Serhiy Orlov said.