Isabelle Dumont gives a small lesson of French in Mariupol

11 July 2018, 21:40
Society, Culture

A cultural festival, dedicated to the Day of the Bastille, took place in Mariupol for the first time. It was held in the framework of supporting friendly relations between Mariupol and the cities of France. The event was visited by a delegation headed by the Ambassador of France in Ukraine Isabelle Dumont and the Mayor of the City Vadim Boichenko.


‘Today there is a recognition of those merits, the difficult path that Mariupol is going through. And this recognition opens up new opportunities for our city. Thanks to the clear and well-coordinated position of the team of Isabelle Dumont, Mariupol has gained recognition at the international level. The things we are doing make the city smart, strong and inspiring,’
Vadim Boichenko said.

For a short time the City Garden turned into a real France. French motives arose around and the residents instead of the usual ‘hello’ said to each other ‘bonjour’. There were dozens of locations which both children and adults liked a lot.

Thousands of Mariupol enjoyed exhibitions of paintings and old gramophones, a Moulin Rouge concert, screening and a street food festival. Everybody could take part in quizzes, races on tricycles and scooters, in a master class on dancing, make a photo with mimes. Locations were different but they all had something in common - the spirit and color of France.

Isabelle Dumont and Vadim Boichenko made memorable photos from the photozone, listened to the songs on the gramophone and looked at the performance of  Mariupol artists together with the residents and guests of the city. The Ambassador from the stage taught Mariupol citizens phrases about the love of Mariupol in French. The audience liked the lesson. Children and adults repeated their phrases about their hometown with enthusiasm.

‘Mariupol is a special city for me. We see how it is developing rapidly. We want to be a part of Mariupol history and we have decided to celebrate this day here. The holiday symbolizes unity and we would like to transfer this symbol to Mariupol,’
Isabelle Dumont stressed.

Furthermore, the Ambassador expressed great gratitude to the Mayor and his team for organizing the festival.