An Irish professor tells about modern methods of teaching people of respectable age in Mariupol

18 June 2019, 17:23
Society, Education

On the basis of the Donetsk State University of Management, Irish Professor Rob Mark has conducted a training. The training was held for teachers of the University of the third age. This project is implemented on the basis of the university with the support of European partners for the fourth year.

Thus, in 2015, within the framework of the implementation of the educational program of the European Union ‘Erasmus +’ and with the support of the Development Fund of Mariupol, a special audience was equipped at the university base. Mariupol residents of respectable age study for free here. Since the start of the project, more than 150 people have passed it.

Lectures are read in the most popular areas. For example, basic computer programs and conversational English. They also teach the basics of social literacy, conduct online tours of the countries of the world.

The professor arrived with a return visit as part of the project from the British Council. The main goal is to bring modern methods of teaching people of old age. Rob Mark identified a key difference in the approach to the educational process. And he stressed the importance of this direction for the harmonious development of society as a whole. The lecture was held in English.

According to the head of the international cooperation department of the university, Irina Sikorskaya, this project opens up new opportunities for people of the third age.

‘We learned from Rob about the possibilities of their integration into the main educational process. About the scale that this educational direction has acquired all over the world. Now, with their help, we will be able to establish internal communication within the walls of one university between radically different age groups,’ Irina Sikorskaya said.

A lecture was held in the walls of the tourist center ‘Vezha’. There, Rob Mark told university students and students of respectful age about current educational trends.

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