Mariupol to celebrate the City Day innovatively. The main musical guests are Onuka electro-folk group and NAONI orchestra

10 September 2019, 12:27
Society, Announcements of city events

On September 28 Mariupol will celebrate the City Day on a large scale in the Theater Square. The 241st anniversary will be celebrated in an innovative format. Projects of future reconstructions will be presented to Mariupol residents and city guests. Many interactive locations will work there. The main musical guests of the festival are the Ukrainian electro-folk group Onuka and the NAONI orchestra.

The holiday will be held in the format – ‘Mariupol - the city of the future’. The concept includes the presentation of future innovative changes of the city by the sea. Interactive locations will be organized:

  • large photo zones with animators
  • "3D photo". Fade-in photo studio
  • "Projects of the future." Visualization of future projects via LED screen
  • "Segway & Gyroboard Tour". Gyroboards and Segway City Tours
  • Kiki Robot
  • Kuka Robot;
  • "Cybersport". Competitions in a specially equipped pavilion. The games "Dota" and "Counter-strike" will be available. Prize fund provided
  • "Play Station Zone". The zone with the prefixes "FIFA", "Mortal Combat", "GTA"
  • "Tesla Show". Here, Mariupol citizens will have the opportunity to see the principle of electricity, hold lightning in their hands and take the most original photos;
  • "Fountain with letters" with inscriptions on the water

A food court will be located along Mira Avenue near the underground to the Theater Square. A book festival will be held near "Vezha” cultural and tourist center. Celebrations will be held from 12:00 to 22:00.