The construction of a new technological university is launched in Mariupol

16 July 2021, 16:24
Society, Education

Metinvest Polytechnic, the first private mining and metallurgical university in Ukraine, will appear on Freedom Square. Today, the symbolic start of the project was given by Mayor Vadym Boichenko, Minister of Education and Science Serhii Shkarlet, Governor of Donetsk Region Pavlo Kyrylenko and Metinvest Group General Director Yurii Ryzhenkov.

There is currently an empty space on the site of the future university. Next year, the territory will become a full-fledged campus of European level. Not only an educational building will be built on the wasteland, but also a modern dormitory and a modern park for students and residents of the city.

‘This is a project about dreams, pride, new opportunities and the importance of people. We are fighting for our children to stay in Ukraine and Mariupol. This is a challenge for all of us. When we create such centers of the European level, it motivates them to make a choice in favor of the native city’, Vadym Boichenko stressed.

Minister of Education and Science Serhii Shkarlet noted that the construction of the university is a powerful step in the development of highly educated youth and an example to follow.

‘This is the first multifunctional non-governmental polytechnic university to be built in the context of state support for education. He testifies that Ukraine is heading for transformation into a high-tech state. It is important that the public-private partnership on the basis of education opens new perspectives,’ the Minister said.

The importance of opening a new university was also noted by the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Pavlo Kyrylenko. According to him, this will increase the attractiveness of Mariupol.

‘In the current environment, such a step is important for a positive image of the city and the region as a whole. This indicates development and further prospects. I can wish the fastest realization and release of professionals in their field. I am convinced that with the joint efforts of the state and business we will succeed,’ Pavlo Kyrylenko emphasized.

According to Metinvest Group CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov, it is important to make sure that Ukrainians can succeed not only abroad, but in their own country.

‘I believe that this project will allow talented students to receive professional education at home, work in Ukrainian enterprises and succeed in their home country. Today we are experiencing a rebirth of metallurgy. It is more environmentally friendly and automated. This requires professionals who will do it. I am confident that Metinvest Polytechnic will be able to prepare them, ‘ the director of the Metinvest Group said.

The president of Metinvest Polytechnic Oleksandr Povazhnyi added that the best teachers will work at the university, state-of-the-art laboratories will be set up, and students will be able to do internships abroad. The university is building relationships with other higher education institutions and global corporations, such as Microsoft, Siemens, Festo.