#It is worth communicating here: Ksenia Sukhova tells about the heat tariff, the change of gas supplier and return of McDonald's

02 August 2021, 13:40

Mariupol City Council has launched a new project #It is worth communicating here. The first leaders of the city speak openly and easily on the topics concerning the residents and the development of Mariupol. Ksenia Sukhova, Secretary of Mariupol City Council, talks about the heat tariff, the change of the gas supplier and the construction of McDonald's. These are the Top Questions that everyone has heard. Let's find the truth in dialogue!

Heat tariff

A gas market has started operating in the country, but Ukrainian families and their budgets are not ready for this. Heat tariff may rise by 87%. The municipality has developed a large investment program to improve the efficiency of the “Heating network”. This will allow us to reduce costs and prevent further tariff increases. Mayor Vadym Boichenko is now in difficult negotiations with “Naftogaz” and the Ukrainian government. He is doing everything to ensure that Mariupol receives a special gas price. If our Mayor manages to agree, then we will receive a three-fold discount, which means that the increase in tariffs in Mariupol will not be 87%, but only 27%.

Change of the gas supplier

There are many companies on the market. To date, the most favorable tariff is offered by the state-owned company “Naftogaz”.You can quickly and efficiently conclude contracts, you can also contact “Naftogaz” branch online through your bank.

McDonald's comeback

We are looking at the prospects for the development of the city for 10-15 years ahead. One can find a thousand arguments why NO under the powerful sight of criticism. But thinking about the development of the city, you can find thousands of arguments why YES.

Why yes? There will be 100 jobs immediately after the opening of one restaurant, and there will be 200 more in the future. McDonald's localizes its production in the region where there are restaurants. We are receiving preliminary proposals for the creation of production facilities for McDonald's. Its overall effect is the creation of over 1000 jobs. McDonald's left Mariupol when the war came to the city. Today he is returning when a stable peace has come to our city.