Steel housing is future of Mariupol and Ukraine

22 July 2021, 10:00
Infrastructure development

Mayor Vadym Boichenko and Metinvest Group General Director Yuriy Ryzhenkov have checked the construction of the first steel house in Ukraine. The works have entered an active phase. It is planned to put the house into operation in the summer 2020.

‘The steel house is unique in its characterstics. The new technology allows you to quickly and efficiently build skyscrapers on various sites, including landslides. This opens up new opportunities in housing construction. In addition, the house will be fully energy efficient, which means that utility bills will be minimal. This construction experience will continue to be used in Mariupol’, Vadym Boichenko told.

The house is being built on Amurskaya Street – it has 8 floors, 2 entrances and 120 flats. Its frame is raised from load-bearing steel structures. Metal for them will be made by Mariupol enterprises of the Metinvest Group. The warranty is 100 years.

The project fully complies with European standards. It was designed by the winners of the Steel Freedom Architecture Festival. Such houses already exist in most countries. For instance, steel construction in the housing stock reaches 70% in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is being implemented for the first time in Ukraine. The project aims to solve the housing problem of Mariupol, with its help will reduce the city's need for social housing.

‘Our company has long been involved in steel construction around the world. The London skyscraper "The Shard" is built of our steel. But we undertook the project of a house in Ukraine for the first time. This is a great experience for us. First of all, we build a comfortable, practical and safe house. It is also important that it can be built in just a year and a half. This technology is the future!', Yuri Ryzhenkov noted.