Smart-projects: Mariupol pedestrian crossings to become safer with led flashing traffic signs

19 January 2021, 14:07

There will be pedestrian crossings of a new format in Mariupol this year. They will become safer and more modern. This project is realized within the frameworks of the signed grant agreement with USAID. It includes 5 small infrastructural smart-projects, that were chosen by the residents via electronic voting.

As part of the initiative to create safe pedestrian crossings, it is planned to provide lighting to improve traffic safety. For this, modern LED lighting will be installed. The luminaires will have a control system function. Each of them is equipped with a control unit, information from which will be displayed on the operator's computer of "Gorsvet". The new luminaires will not only allow better illumination of transitions, but will also provide significant savings. In addition, LED signs will be installed at the crossings.

They will be able to attract the attention of drivers and reduce the likelihood of an accident. The project will be implemented in areas where there is currently insufficient lighting. Among them there are Pashkovskoho Str. – 1st May Str., Pashkovskoho Str. – Olympic Str., Pashkovskoho Str. (district school-lyceum number 14), Olympic Str. (near school number 68), Olympic Str. (in the area of ​​intersection with Politaev St.), Kievskaya Str. (at the intersection with Marshrutnaya street).

Democratic Governance in Eastern Ukraine is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), aimed at increasing public confidence and trust between citizens and authorities in the east of the country, better understanding key reforms, new opportunities and social change. The project works in Donetsk and Luhansk regions and aims to enhance citizen participation in governance processes based on inclusive and democratic civic values, improve the efficiency of public service delivery, integrate vulnerable and isolated communities, strengthen public identity and create opportunities for the region to lead democratic transition in Ukraine.