The season is open! Mariupol fountains are put into operation officially

30 April 2021, 12:00
Society, Tourism

Six fountains of Mariupol have been put into operation today at the same time. First Deputy Mayor Mikhail Kohut spoke about their operation.

‘Each fountain is unique. They have their own philosophy and history. The construction is funded by sponsors and partners of the city. We plan to open two more fountains in Hurov Park at the end of August. Mariupol can be called the city of fountains with confidence,’ Mikhailo Kohut said.

Together with journalists, Mikhailo Kohut ran under the fountain in Peace and Freedom Square and admitted that he did it for the first time. Everyone can now follow the example of the first deputy mayor. The fountains in Mariupol will operate until late autumn from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Technical work will be carried out on Mondays.

Mariupol fountains are rightly considered to be the pride of the city. For example, arched fountain is included in the Book of Records of Ukraine as the largest one. Its length is 37 meters, width - 7.5 meters. The fountain in Theater Square is a mini-copy of the fountain from Sky Garden in London. This is a modern pedestrian structure with lighting and music. The light-dynamic pedestrian fountain ‘Multicenter’ in Left Bank district has a 16-meter bowl, as well as unique fog-forming nozzles.

By the way, Mariupol residents are invited to take part in a photo quest for the opening of the season. To do this, you need to take a photo on the background of all six fountains. The first three participants who send their photos will receive branded souvenirs (an eco-bag, a notebook, a pen, a photo book and magnets).

In addition, the youth of Mariupol plans to launch a dance flashmob. Shooting video on the background of fountains.

The fountains are located in the Theater Square, on the Greek Square, in the City Garden, on the Freedom Square, in the Rainbow Park and near the Multicenter building.